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Signum offers custom cable design and manufacturing services, including instrument, speaker and patch cables, with a variety of materials to choose from.  We also offer pedal board custom wiring and design services.  Everything is designed and made right in our Cranford, NJ shop. 

Our flagship cable is where it all started for our founder, Vincent Moretti.  All of our instrument cables are 20 AWG high conductivity oxygen free copper single conductor cables with a 95% braided shield.  Our copper is insulated with a low density polyethylene foam, has a 100% coverage, semi-conductive pvc inner shield, and has a 20pF/ft capacitance conductor to shield ratio – lower capacitance = greater natural tone!  Half the capacitance of the biggest name-brand cables available.  GH connectors, right angle/straight or two of each available in 12’ and 20’ lengths.


Our flagship cable but customized and designed to fit your personality and your gear with Techflex, a braided polyethylene material that prevents kinking, is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, abrasion, and wide temperature ranges.  It adds stability, durability, and style to your cable.  Available in several design options, upgraded with Neutrik connectors and available in 12’ and 20’ lengths. 

*Custom lengths can be requested on all of our cables!


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