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Signum: noun 

[from Latin]: something that identifies or represents; a signal

When musicians discuss defining and honing their tone, a great deal of time is spent both in discussion and debate about the many elements that comprise tone.  An endless combination of woods, pickups, pedals, pedal configurations, amplifiers, tubes, speakers, cabinets, paint colors, paint types, grill cloth material, and thousands of other things inundate discussion boards and forums with endless arguments about how to reach the pinnacle of one’s tone.  And while most understand that this argument is completely subjective, there is one element that is the most important:  the cables being used to bridge that tone from beginning to end.


Cables aren’t necessarily fun to talk about; they don’t create a lot of buzz primarily because the options for great cables have been limited to a few big names and private label Chinese imports.  The biggest reason we feel there is no excitement around cables is because there has been very little input by musicians into the construction and design of their cables.


Vince Signum Music USA.jpg

Vincent Moretti, Musician, Founder 

Signum was founded so that musicians had an option to purchase great sounding, durable, and customized cables utilizing the best components available. 


Almost all cable companies do not allow for any kind of customization whatsoever, unless you buy the solderless kits to make them yourself, which is an absolute disaster waiting to happen.  Using solderless components is just asking for all kinds of failures in your signal chain.  If you don’t believe us, ask our friend Dave Friedman what he thinks about solderless cables.


You should have a say in how your cables are made.  After a few years of research and a bunch of trial and error, I have developed what I feel are some of the best sounding cables on the market.  All of our cables (instrument, patch, speaker) are super low capacitance, durable, road worthy and made with the finest materials available, right here in New Jersey.   


Each cable is made by hand, each cable is tested multiple times before it leaves our shop, and each cable can be made to your specifications.  Each cable also carries a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked.


We offer what we feel are the most popular sizes as standard options on both our flagship and custom cables (12’ and 20’) but can easily customize the length to meet your needs.  We use G&H Plugs and Neutrik Connectors exclusively because we have found these to be the best available.  Our custom instrument cables are wrapped in Techflex, a braided sleeving derived from polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns.  This material has a wide operating temperature range, is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, and abrasion.  It prevents kinking without being overly stiff. It helps to take pressure off of the connectors by disbursing tension across the length of the cable.  Spill beer on it, step on it, abuse it on stage or at home, your custom Signum cable will withstand it all.  Most importantly, this material has its own personality, just like you and your rig.  It protects while adding style to your setup.  It’s a reflection of you, just like your tone.


Finally, our patch cables use the lowest profile straight and right angle connectors available, designed by our friends at KMMK Solutions in Paris, France.  Our patch cables have the same capacitance and construction in a smaller diameter as our instrument cables, and can be customized to any length for your board or rack.  One size does not fit all when it comes to wiring your rig – why overpay for a bulky cable that makes your setup look sloppy and cluttered?  Many of those stock patch cables also sound like garbage.  Don't connect your expensive gear with garbage.


We make speaker cables too, a thicker version of our cables above, and we are always adding new products to our lineup.


I deserved more, so I founded Signum.  I believe you deserve more too.  I’m excited to share Signum with you.


Ecce Signum! 

(Behold the sign/signal/proof – in case you don’t feel like Googling it)   


- Vincent F. Moretti


A clean tone and sound is everything. So to ensure this goal is achieved when I play, I use Signum cables. Best cables, proof positive!

- Derek McKeith, Solo Artist, Electric Life Records MG

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